Brother Bagman is Kansas City's current representative for original, feel-good, groove-driven soul rock.This latest full length release,"SCENIC ROUTE ", is the revelation of a band that clearly played and traveled many miles over the past several years. Hitting you in the gut is the gritty and deep down rythym section of drummer Cole Harvey and bassist Cliff Moore. The head swayin' groove that was apparent in their first recordings has grown another grin with age and experience, loosening and tightening in just the right places. Strollin' and struttin' on top of the groove is the southern rock soul of Landon Leist's smooth, growling voice.His heavy, rich electric guitar playing combines to lock the audience into a place of understanding and appreciation.Last but not least, the icing on the cake , Damon Parker on organ, keys, and vocals adds that sweet touch that only he can.The songs keep the listener close and involved and the tight vocal harmonies of Cole Harvey and Damon Parker help to fill the arrangements perfectly.


Brother Bagman Album Review

  Notorious B.A.G. (Dark Horse)


"With it's debut release, Notorious B.A.G., Brother Bagman borrows from the same 'unclassifiable' playbook as many of it's improv-oriented compatriots. But the tale of the tape tells a different story. This album has a number of overt, and covert influences, with obvious nods to the southern fried style of Widespread Panic and the North Mississippi Allstars. But the disc's most promising cuts, including the blistering bounce of 'Treading Water' and 'So Mad', feel native to this foursome alone. The group manages to stretch itself without succumbing to an identity crisis on the bluesy shuffle 'You' and the expansive 'I don't Mind'. It's unusual to find a freshman group with this focus, especially when influences often keep aspiring artists from spreading thier own wings - but these brothers apparently know their own bagman."


Grand Fiasco, with Brother Bagman

Friday, December 19, at the Grand Emporium


As Old Man Winter hovers over the Midwest like the thick haze of smoke hanging over the audience during a Phish set break, it's time to remember that even the roving tribes of the jam-band jet set have an off season. Always ready, willing and able to satiate the Kansas City masses, area improv-rock artists Grand Fiasco and Brother Bagman have built a dedicated local following by applying the jam model in miniature to KC. Although Grand Fiasco seems content with the niche it has carved -- the after parties of national shows breezing through town usually end up wherever these guys are playing -- Brother Bagman is looking for more. With its debut album, Notorious B.A.G., complete, the upstart quartet is not-so-quietly preparing to venture into the wider world come spring thaw.